Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Have a Little Historical Romance This Holiday

I don't know what it is about this time of year, maybe it's the snow, or the romance of the season, or just a feeling of nostalgia, but I love to go back in time and read about love and happy endings.  This is the time of year where I curl up in front of the fireplace (or in my case a pellet stove) with a good historical romance.  Sarah and I have suggested a few of our favorites for you.

Hope to see you in our library someday soon,

book jacketThe Seducer by Madeline Hunter Chili Pepper On Fire
Recommendation from Jan:
There is nothing dark or paranormal about these stories, except for a few spicy  love scenes that usually come with a good regency romance.  I have so many favorite authors in this genre: Mary Balogh, Johanna Lindsey, Jude Deveraux and Judith McNaught, Jayne Anne Krentz, Eloisa James, Julie Garwood, and many more.  However, if I were forced to make a choice, at this moment, I would choose Madeline Hunter.  I love how this author puts her readers back in time with her accurate but brief descriptions, authentic dialog, and engaging characters and situations.  They are lovely reads, every single one.  So, for my recommendation, I will give you the first book of an amazing series: The Seducer by Madeline Hunter.    
Description from Madeleine Hunter's website:
An innocent searching for her lost family, Diane Albret finds herself living in the house of Daniel St. John. The world thinks she is his cousin, but she knows differently. She also knows that her attraction to this dangerous, dark and mysterious man is perilous to both her heart and her future. Worse, she fears his generosity is a prelude to seduction and that he plans to make her his mistress--an offer she does not trust herself to refuse.
Daniel indeed has plans for Diane, but they involve his scheme to complete a lifelong dark quest. The legendary seducer also has a secret about her lost past that he will do anything to keep; a secret that will put both their lives in jeopardy even as the passion they deny threatens to break out of all control.

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book jacket
Hunter's current series The Rarest Blooms is just as wonderful!Chili Pepper On Fire
Book 1 - Ravishing In Red
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Book 2 - Provocative in Pearls
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Book 3 - Sinful in Satin
On Order, but out in book stores now!

book jacket
Second Sight by Amanda Quick

Recommendation from Sarah:
I absolutely love all of Amanda Quick's novels.  They usually involve a very strong, independent main female character, which is unusual for the time period in which they are set.  This particular one has the paranormal aspect which is where many of Jayne Ann Krentz's novels have been going lately.

Book Description:
Writing as Amanda Quick (Lie by Moonlight, etc.), Jayne Ann Krentz offers another spirited Victorian romance, light on Victorian, heavy on romance. Photographer Venetia Milton supports her brother, sister and maiden aunt while keeping secrets: her late father's bigamy, her paranormal gift for seeing people's auras ("like looking at a negative image of the world") and her more-than-willing ravishment by client Gabriel Jones...

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book jacket

Holly by Jude Deveraux
Recommendation from a blog follower: 
Thank you "Anonymous" (whoever you are) for the reminder about this book.  I loved Holly as well, and it's the perfect little love story for this time of year.  It reminds me of Jude's earlier works, and what I loved so much about her romances.

Book description:
A relentless campaign by phone, letter, and email has persuaded Hollander Latham's parents to purchase the home of her dreams: Spring Hill, a beautiful North Carolina plantation where Holly spent her memorable thirteenth summer. Now a successful architect, Holly is intent on reuniting with Spring Hill's neighbor and her love from that long-ago summer, wealthy heir Laurence Beaumont -- she dreams of working her way into Lorrie's heart while restoring his historic estate, Belle Chere. But as Christmas fast approaches, Nick Taggert -- a mysterious stranger who makes her laugh and tempts her with a surprising passion -- turns her plans upside down. One man can seduce her with fortune and privilege; the other can promise her the simple gift of love. And on a frost-covered Christmas night, Holly's choice will unmask astonishing truths and hidden dangers -- revelations that will forever change her charmed life and her vulnerable heart.
~description from Amazon

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book jacket

A Kiss At Midnight by Eloisa James
Recommendation from a blog follower:
Another historical romance author for your list. I'm reading A Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James. It's not like her other books but I'm enjoying it. It's a retelling of the Cinderella story, but done nicely. When will that story ever get old, really?

Book description:
Well-known for tales of dukes and duchesses, James (A Duke of Her Own) upgrades to the handsome prince in this delectable Regency reimagining of the Cinderella story. Miss Katherine Daltry, on the shelf at 23, manages the household of her ungrateful stepmother and silly stepsister, who inherited all of her father's estate. Kate is thrust from the cinders to the spotlight when her stepsister needs a stand-in for a betrothal ball at Pomeroy Castle. Gabriel, youngest princeling of the duchy of Warl-Marburg-Baalsfeld, needs a rich wife to support his archeology habit; Kate is, of course, manifestly unsuitable. Eccentric turns from Professor Biggitstiff, a pickle-eating dog, and an irrepressible godmother spin a candy floss comic romp around a core of heartache. James's deft touch allows the characters to shine through genuinely witty dialogue and an uncluttered plot.
~Review from Publishers Weekly

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