Thursday, March 10, 2011

Janet Chapman Books

-Updated 6/12/2012

New York Times bestselling author, Janet Chapman, has graciously offered her time on many occasions to our library, everything from hosting a teen writing series, Bangor Reads, to talking about writing to our book group.  In May 2011 she did an online interview on this blog where blog followers asked the questions.  It is a fun assortment of questions and answers that you can read here... An Interview with Janet Chapman

All Janet's books are listed below, with covers linked to our catalog.  If you have never read a Chapman romance, I suggest you start with Charming the Highlander.   Janet's books can all be read separately, but she has created an amazing community of characters within each of her series, so that it's always wonderful revisiting friends from her former books.

As always, I hope to see you in our library someday soon,

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The Highlander Series
Book 1 - Charming the Highlander
Book 2Loving the Highlander
Book 3 - Wedding the Highlander
Book 4 - Tempting the Highlander
Book 5 - Only With a Highlander
Book 6 - Secrets of the Highlander
Book 7 - A Highlander ChristmasBook 8 - Highlander for the Holidays

Midnight Bay Series (A spin-off of Janet's Highlander Series)
Book 1 - Moonlight Warrior
Book 2 - Dragon Warrior
Book 3Mystical Warrior

book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket

The Logger Series
Book 1 - The Seduction of His Wife
Book 2The Stranger In Her Bed

Puffin Harbor Series
Book 1 - The Seductive Impostor
Book 2 - Dangerous Protector

book jacket book jacket book jacket book jacket

Sinclair Brothers Series
Book 1 - The Man Must Marry
Book 2 - Tempt Me If You Can

Ladies Prefer Rogues

book jacket book jacket book jacket

Spellbound Falls Series
Book 1 - Spellbound Falls
Book 2 - Charmed by His Love  (On Order)
Book 3 - Courting Carolina  (On Order)

book jacket


  1. You can address all comments as if you were speaking directly to Janet, though she will not answer them until the meeting, all answers will be posted afterward.

    Here's my first question...

    Are you going to write any more books in the Sinclair Brothers Series? If so, whose story can we look forward to reading in the future?

  2. I've never read this author, but I think it's pretty cool she's willing to talk to your book group. I might just try her Charming the Highlander.

  3. I have a question... I've read most of Janet's books and noticed they're all set in Maine. Why is this? And have you ever thought of writing something outside of your state?

    (I apologize if I missed one that was.)

    From, Julianne

  4. This isn't a question, but I wanted to tell Janet that I was very touched by how she handled the mother with Alzheimer's in Moonlight Warrior. I have a father with Alzheimer's and most people don't realize what a family goes through when someone we love is losing their memory. She handled this very well.

  5. I noticed that Jan recommended Charming the Highlander as a good book to start with, but I was wondering what Janet's suggestion might be, if it's the same or not? And can I start with Moonlight Warrior, even though it's a spin-off of the Highlander series.

  6. When did you know you wanted to be an author?

  7. I'm sure all your chacters are dear to your heart, but do you have a favorite male or female character you have created? If so, who and why?

  8. I have lived in Maine my whole life, and not once have I seen one of these warriors. It is not fair, if you ask me! can you tell me where I can find one please????

  9. Was the storm in Charming the Highlander inspired by Maine's infamous ice storm of 1998? What was your experience of that storm, if you were in Maine at the time? Have any other personal experiences or incidents that took place in Maine appeared in any of your books?

  10. I totally agree with the one by "A book fanatic said" about where are these Warriors - I live in Maine as well and yet to find one :)

  11. Oh, I so wish that I lived closer but Western Canada is quite a long way to drive for an afternoon chat about books, even if they are my favourite series.

  12. Stephanie BigelowMay 14, 2011 at 10:01 PM

    I have grown up in the Maine woods, I have spent long lazy afternoons on Maine's rocky shores. I would just like to say thank you Ms. Chapman for putting into a book my fanasies and my environment.

  13. Janet, what are your favorite fiction books to read? (if you have time to do so) Did you start writing as a child? Have you ever seen a moose in person (zoos and wildlife parks do not count)? I have lived in Maine for going on 8 years and have never seen a moose (and I actively look for them!).
    Thank You.
    Kelly Connell

  14. Are you going to do any more books in the Logger Series?

  15. To Janet,
    What is the most frequent question you are asked about your books and/or writing?

  16. Hello everyone!


    You can still comment on Janet's books, of course, but the responses will be given by us and not the author.

    If you didn't get a chance to come to the library to see her appearance, her responses to your questions will be posted soon.

    One final note, and the most important, I wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to Janet for another wonderful talk.


  17. i love janet"s books. from the first book i read to the one i am reading now. from time to time i think about her books. would read them more than once. always ready for her next book. sweetjane

  18. Hi sweetjane,
    What a lovely comment about janet's books. I always love to hear positive reviews on authors we've hosted.