Tuesday, March 1, 2011

J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

As an avid reader, working in a library never fails to provide an overwhelming temptation to bring home every interesting book that catches my eye, and every recommended read from coworkers and patrons.  As a result, my home is overrun with untouched books, where they stay until their due dates arrive and I'm forced to return them.  It's an obsession really.  I have overflowing baskets in my living room, and coffee tables covered with books I won't touch, not because I don't want to, but because I simply don't have enough time to read all the books I want.

Sadly, this has made me an impatient reader.  A book must grab my attention immediately or I will not finish it.  To be exact, an author has about 25 pages, or a chapter, to garner my interest, and the older I get that page number decreases.  So, when I find an author who grabs my attention on the first page, and I continue the book to the end, I am... grateful.   The characters must be worthy of my interest and my time.

J.R. Ward is one of these special authors.  The Black Dagger Brotherhood series is heavy on the paranormal, set amongst a vampire war, with a blind king who is the first protagonist in Dark Lover, in an intriguing fantasy world.  I simply love her characters.  Ward brings a new level to the tortured hero, who are not necessarily male; her woman are as strong as her men.

Please note, the sensuality level is high; these books are not for the easily offended.   Books 1-4 rate a CHILI PEPPER ON FIRE.  Books 5+ rate a CHILI PEPPER ROASTED.


Book 1 - Dark Lover
Book 2Lover Eternal
Book 3 - Lover Awakened 
Book 4 - Lover Revealed
Book 5 - Lover Unbound
Book 6 - Lover Enshrined
Book 7 - Lover Avenged
Book 8 - Lover Mine
Book 9 - Lover Unleashed
Book 10 - Lover Reborn
Book 11 - Lover At Last 

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For more on the Black Dagger Brotherhood, visit the author's website at: jrward.com


  1. I really love this series. It is the best new take on vampires since Kenyon. Not as dark as LKH, but not as sweet as Feehan, a good mixture in between.

  2. I love how you have these books in order, and how the covers go to library catalog. Can you do this with the second sight series by krentz?

  3. I could use a little less of the Lessors, if you know what I mean, but other than that, this series is very addictive.

  4. I really think the Lessers have their purpose, because it draws the readers into the Brotherhood's cause, especially in Butch's story. Ward did a great job creating an original take on vampires, not an easy accomplishment with all the books flooding the market in this genre.

    Dark Lover and Lover Revealed are my favorites, but Lover Awakened takes a close third.


  5. I've read all of Feehan's Carpathian books and Kenyon's Dark Hunters, and even a few of the Hamilton's Anita Blake. My favorite is still the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. I agree there has been an abundance of vampire series flooding the book shelves, but I'm willing to try another if it is a fresh take on this storyline.

  6. As a new reader to this genre all I can say is OMG I am HOOKED!!! Love JR WARD ! The characters are so well developed and so easy to fall in love with all of them! Can not wait for the next few .... must be some more comming... about Muhurder? the Shadows? or even Quinn and Blay ? Hurry up and write!!!!

  7. Deb- I was the same way with this series. I would love it if she did a book on Blay and Quinn.

  8. She was so completely badass in the previous books and I was hoping for more of the same here, but didn't quite get it. Don't get me wrong, I was happy she found her mate and glad we get to see more of Manny, but she talked her way out of her abduction? Really? This is definitely a transitional book.

  9. Thanks, Eesti, for reminding me I need to catch up on this series. I stopped somewhere around Lover Mine but the rest are in my to read pile. I also need to update this series list. I'm pretty sure the library owns the rest of the series, but I will check and update.