Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aisling Grey Guardian Series

Review by Sarah:

Based on a great review by one of our book group members I recently picked up You Slay Me, the first book in Katie MacAlister’s Aisling Grey Guardian series.  All I have to say is: “What a fun read.”  For those of you who may have read MaryJanice Davidson’s books, I know you are going to like this series. 

Aisling Grey’s first job as a courier for her uncle doesn’t go quite how she hopes. When she goes to deliver her package to it’s new owner in Paris, she finds her dead, hanging from the ceiling. Also at the crime scene she runs into an incredibly handsome man named Drake Vireo who claims he is from Interpol.  Sparks, or should I say fire, fly between them instantly.  Right before the police arrive Drake snatches Aisling’s delivery and disappears.  What puzzles Aisling most about this encounter is why did Drake keeps on referring to her as a Guardian.  Aisling is quickly thrust into a world she never knew existed. One where there are guardians, dragons, imps, witches and mages.  And they all know that Aisling is a Guardian, which is strange seeing that Aisling doesn’t even know what a Guardian is.   They also seem to know instantly that she is a dragon’s mate, and not just any dragon but Drake Vireo’s, who also happened to be the head (wyvern) of the Green Dragons. When more murders happen Aisling realizes she is going to have to solve the crimes because she is the number one suspect.  She finds help in some unlikely people or beings.  Aisling soon finds out that since she is a guradian, she can control portals to the underworld. She knows a demon has been present at each murder, so she summons a demon so she can ask him some questions. But being new to the Guardian business, things don’t go as she plans. She ends up summoning the demon, Effrijim, or “Jim” as he likes to be called. Jim manifests him self as a black Newfoundland, and just so happens to be the one demon that has been kicked out of the underworld and no help at all.  Despite all of her tries she cannot send Jim back so she somehow ends up being a Guardian, a wyvern’s mate, and a Demon Lord. And Aisling has only been in Paris for a few days.  MacAlister’s  book is filled with quirky characters, sizzling romance and a mystery that need to be solved.

It is a fun, quick, and delightful read. Once I finished the first book I had to order the rest of the series.  The Bangor Public Library unfortunately doesn’t own any of these books so you would have to request them through the MaineCat system.  The links provided below will take you that catalog.


:  Request each book from the Bangor Public Library by clicking on the cover  : :
You Slay Me  Fire Me Up  Light My Fire  Holy Smokes

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