Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Bishop Special Crimes Unit Series by Kay Hooper

book jacketReview by Jan:

I thought it might do us some good to break up all the romance with a little murder mystery.  I love this series by Kay Hooper.  I have been trying to sell it to our book group but it never seems to make the final vote.  So, I wanted to take the chance to highlight it once again.

I am a pretty savvy murder mystery reader and I'm bored easily.  I usually guess the murderer mid-way through the book, so one of the wonderful elements of this series is the author keeps me hooked into her stories until the very end.  Every book is amazing.   Keep in mind these are not cozy mysteries; they are quite graphic.

Another aspect I love about this series is the psychic element.  I usually describe it as a cross between the TV shows Medium and Criminal Minds.  The "Special Crimes Unit" consists of a secret team of psychic agents who use their special abilities to help solve horrendous murders that no one else can.

Also, I love Hooper's writing style.  Her descriptions are detailed enough to create a vivid mental visual without being over descriptive.  Again, I don't get bored.  From the moment I pick up one of these books I can't put them down.

I recommend you start with Stealing Shadows.  There are reoccurring characters with great back stories you don't want to miss.  And don't be surprised if you see it on our Fall book vote once again!  :o)

Hope to see you in our library someday soon,

The Bishop Special Crimes Unit Series in order of publicationBook 1 - Stealing Shadows
Book 2 - Hiding in the Shadows
Book 3 - Out of the Shadows
Book 4 - Touching Evil
Book 5 - Whisper of Evil
Book 6 - Sense of Evil
Book 7 - Hunting Fear
Book 8 - Chill of Fear
Book 9 - Sleeping with Fear
Book 10- Blood Dreams
Book 11- Blood Sins
Book 12- Blood Ties
Book 13 - Haven

The Bishop Files
First Prophet  (available November 2012)

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  1. I LOVE how you are putting all your series' in reading order. I will keep referring back to this often. Thanks for all the great reviews!

  2. This is a great series- my fav. next to Patricia Cornwell.

  3. The order was not complete... below is all the books in the series that I know about... I loved this series and I am looking to see if she put anymore out- so far, it looks as if she is not writting the series anymore
    Series below

    Stealing Shadows
    Hiding in the Shadows
    Out of the Shadows
    Touching Evil
    Whisper of Evil
    Sense of Evil
    Hunting Fear
    Chill of Fear
    Sleeping with Fear
    Blood Dreams
    Blood Sins
    Blood Ties

  4. Thank you so mucn anonymous for the series correction. I have updated my list above, and you have given me a great reminder about how much I enjoyed this series. I think I'm going to put it back up for vote!

  5. These books keep referring to a "Cassie" and I have NO reference for this person and what she did, help!

  6. Hi Emily,
    Bells are ringing for me about Cassie but there's been so many books since then. I will pick up my copies and take a look, then log back in with an answer soon.

  7. Okay, I was having a moment, because I'm reviewing way too many books at one time and am getting characters mixed up. I do believe Cassie Neill is the main character of the very first book in this series, Stealing Shadows. Cassie hooked me into the whole series, even though it's been several years since I have read her story. Find a copy of Stealing Shadows. it is really good. I copied this from Kay Hoopers website, figuring she would write the best explanation....

    From the author's website:
    So Book 1, Stealing Shadows, tells the story of Cassie Neill, a fragile, wounded psychic whose determination to be alone and at peace is shattered by a killer's bloody rampage. It's also the story of Ben Ryan, a small town lawyer and former judge who does not believe in the paranormal — until a haunted Cassie Neill walks into his office.

  8. Here is the latest link to everything dealing with Bishop!