Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is it about a man in a kilt?

book jacketReview by Sarah:

One genre of romance that we have not discussed is “Men in Kilts.”  I just recently finished “Devil of the Highlands” by Lynsay Sands. It brought back all kinds of memories from when I first began reading romance novels.  This was when it seemed like every other book was set in medieval Scotland. But looking back I can’t seem to remember any particular author. I will admit that the book is a bit formulaic with the heroine, Evelinde, being married off against her will, by her evil stepmother, to the “Devil of Donnachaidh.” Cullen, “Devil of Donnachaidh” ,of course  ends up being anything but a devil and tries to figure out who might be trying to kill his wife, who he now in love with.  But it still was an enjoyable read and in many ways I liked it better than her vampire series.
So blog readers, which authors do you turn to when you want a great read about a man in a kilt?   
~ Sarah

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  1. Oh goodness, Sarah knows me too well, because I can't ignore a challenge! :o)

    So, we now have a Facebook badge to your left. If you "like us" you will receive news feeds about our book group, votes, book updates and more.

    On to other fun stuff... I love this question that Sarah posed. I didn't even have to think twice about this one. My favorite historical romance with a man in a kilt - without question - is The Bride by Julie Garwood.

  2. You just brought forth a fond memory... The Bride was a lovely book.