Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An interview with Janet Chapman

Hello everyone,
Well, our bloggers provided the questions and Janet Chapman answered.  I want to thank Janet again for another wonderful library talk.  If you want to see a list of all her books, here's a link to our original post... Books by Janet Chapman
Hope to see you in our library someday soon,

An Interview with New York Times bestselling author, Janet Chapman
Not Your Ordinary Book Banter said...
Are you going to write any more books in the Sinclair Brothers Series?  If so, whose story can we look forward to reading in the future?
I have Jessie Sinclair’s story I want to do something with, I just haven’t quite put everything together….yet!    But he is a real person in my head now.    Jennifer and Michael may also get together in the future, maybe in an anthology.   Don’t look for them to be published in the next couple of years though.

Rain said...
I've never read this author, but I think it's pretty cool she's willing to talk to your book group. I might just try her Charming the Highlander.
It’s amazing how many letters and emails I receive, that Charming the Highlander is still one of my readers’ favorites.

Anonymous said...
I have a question... I've read most of Janet's books and noticed they're all set in Maine.  Why is this? And have you ever thought of writing something outside of your state?
(I apologize if I missed one that was.)
From, Julianne
I write about Maine because it’s what I know.  My characters are very real to me, and I hope for you, too!
Anonymous said...
This isn't a question, but I wanted to tell Janet that I was very touched by how she handled the mother with Alzheimer's in Moonlight Warrior. I have a father with Alzheimer's and most people don't realize what a family goes through when someone we love is losing their memory. She handled this very well.
Thank you. 

Michelle said...
I noticed that Jan recommended Charming the Highlander as a good book to start with, but I was wondering what Janet's suggestion might be, if it's the same or not? And can I start with Moonlight Warrior, even though it's a spin-off of the Highlander series.
I work very hard to make each book easy to jump into, even if you haven’t read the series before.   For an author, the whole point of a series is to get the reader invested in our family.   If you enjoy magic, I’d say you can start with any of my books.  If you’re not into magic, or paranormal stories, I’d say start with one of my contemporary series, Seduction of My Wife or the Man Must Marry.

Anonymous said...
When did you know you wanted to be an author?
I was a reader first.   As a teenager, I haunted the Bangor Public Library.  I devoured anything I could get my hands on.  I didn’t start reading romance until I was about sixteen.   When I turned 38 years old, something switched in my brain.   I told my husband, “I think I can write a book.”  In turn he replied, “Well, you read enough of the damn things.”  Once I started writing, there was no going back.  After the first book was finished, I thought, “That was fun.  I wonder if I can do it again.”  And you know what?  It’s still fun!

Anonymous said...
I'm sure all your characters are dear to your heart, but do you have a favorite male or female character you have created? If so, who and why?
They are all dear to my heart.   Michael MacBain comes to mind.  He was such a good man.   And Robbie McBain.  Oh, and William Killkenny! I think Tempting the Highlander is my most romantic story.   I like Keenan Oakes, from The Seductive Impostor, as well.   For women, I like Grace MacKeage, and Camry.   My next heroine, in the first book in my Spellbound Falls series (not published yet) is one of the strongest heroines I’ve ever written.

 A book fanatic said...
I have lived in Maine my whole life, and not once have I seen one of these warriors. It is not fair, if you ask me! Can you tell me where I can find one please????
I do get a lot of letters asking, “If I come to Maine, are there really men like that?”  My answer to you is, “Don’t look too hard, quite often there’s a hero standing right in front of you.”   

Anonymous said...
Part 1:  Was the storm in Charming the Highlander inspired by Maine's infamous ice storm of 1998? What was your experience of that storm, if you were in Maine at the time?
Oh, my God… yes!  We were without power for nine days.  My husband even drilled holes in the lake for all our neighbors, so they could get to water.  My sons ice skated on our ice-covered lawn.   We went for a walk outside one night and the forest was actually cracking and moaning. 
Part 2:  Have any other personal experiences or incidents that took place in Maine appeared in any of your books?
Everything.  Yes, I even sunburned my eyeballs (welder’s flash) changing the ozone light bulb in our hot tub just like Sarah did in The Seduction of His Wife!

Kelly said...
Janet, what are your favorite fiction books to read? (if you have time to do so) Did you start writing as a child? Have you ever seen a moose in person (zoos and wildlife parks do not count)? I have lived in Maine for going on 8 years and have never seen a moose (and I actively look for them!).
Thank You.
Kelly Connel

If you want to see a Moose, you need to go to Greenville and ride the roads just around dusk and dawn.   In between books I do read, but not while I’m writing.   I like Linda Howard and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  I read a lot of non-fiction on just about any subject.

Anonymous said...
Are you going to do any more books in the Logger Series?
Here’s what I would like to do… I want to write my own anthology, short stories all in one book, with one from my logger series, a Sinclair, and maybe a story from Puffin Harbor.

Richard G. said...
To Janet,
What is the most frequent question you are asked about your books and/or writing?
When a book comes out, I usually get a lot of questions about the secondary characters, wanting to know when I’m going to write their stories.   

The following are comments, not questions, so they were not presented to Janet at her library talk, but I wanted to make sure they were still shared.

Anonymous said...
I totally agree with the one by "A book fanatic said" about where are these Warriors - I live in Maine as well and yet to find one :)

Anonymous said...
Oh, I so wish that I lived closer but Western Canada is quite a long way to drive for an afternoon chat about books, even if they are my favorite series.

Stephanie Bigelow said...
I have grown up in the Maine woods, I have spent long lazy afternoons on Maine's rocky shores. I would just like to say thank you Ms. Chapman for putting into a book my fantasies and my environment.


I had such a wonderful time talking to your book club.  Thanks so much for inviting me.  Authors always like to mingle with readers, because this is such a long-distant relationship. 
Until later, keep reading!  Janet

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