Friday, June 10, 2011

The Bedwyn Saga by Mary Balogh

book jacketThis is a continuation of my last post about A Summer To Remember by Mary Balogh, a prequel to a wonderful series about the Bedwyn family.  The characters Ms. Balogh created in A Summer To Remember were just too wonderful to be contained within one book.  The Bedwyns were each given their own story, and more characters appear in a later series, the Simply Quartet.

For your convenience I've posted all the books in order.  I've read this entire series and found each story... well... simply unforgettable.  :o)  I don't feel you need to read them in order, but there is such a broad collection of family members, with little nuances and character development you might not want to miss.  So, for sentimental reasons it wouldn't hurt to start from the beginning, but it's not necessary.

Hope to see you in our library someday soon,

Bedwyn Saga Prequels
1. One Night For Love
2. A Summer To Remember

The Bedwyn Saga
3. Slightly Married
4. Slightly Wicked
5. Slightly Scandalous
6. Slightly Tempted
7. Slightly Sinful
8. Slightly Dangerous

The Simply Quartet
9. Simply Unforgettable
10. Simply Love
11. Simply Magic
12. Simply Perfect

: :  Request each book from the Bangor Public Library by clicking on the cover  : :

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