Friday, August 26, 2011

Meg Cabot's "Size 12 is Not Fat"

Review by Sarah:

One of my favorite authors to read during the summer (I know it’s almost over) is Meg Cabot. Many of you probably know her young adult series “The Princess Diaries”, however she has written numerous titles for adults.  She has a great series that is part chick lit and part mystery.  The first in this series is “Size 12 is Not Fat”.  Unfortunately there are only three books in this series I really wish that she would write more. 
The main character of these books is Heather Wells.  Heather is a former teen pop star who lost stardom when she decided that she was okay with being a size twelve.  Unfortunately in this process she also lost her boyfriend, and all of her money (Her manager mom ran off to South America).  So Heather starts a new life and gets a real job as an assistant dorm director at one of New York City’s top colleges. 
Things start to go awry when the body of one of her female students ends up at the bottom of the elevator shaft.  Many people at the college chalk it up to an accident or sheer stupidity (elevator surfing). But Heather knows that teenage college girls don’t elevator surf, they leave that “sheer stupidity” up to the boys.  Heather can’t convince anyone that this is more than an accident, not even her hunky P.I. landlord.  Things start to get even more complicated when more deaths occur. Heather realizes that she must take matters into her own hands and figure out what exactly is going on. 
Like most of Cabot’s books this one is a fun quick read.  What I like about her is that she doesn’t stay in just one genre.  Many people may just think of her as a “chick lit” author, but her most recent books have a more supernatural aspect.
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  1. Sarah and I usually have the same tastes in books, however this is one genre that she reads more than I do, and I think I lean more toward sci-fi/fantasy than she does. BUT I love how she's taken me out of my comfort zone and drawn me toward books I normally wouldn't read. Dark Fever was one that I ended up really enjoying. :o) This is another one I may have to try.

    Thanks Sarah, for the great review!