Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Evolving Book Group

Our Not Your Ordinary Book Group is a project that Sarah and I started a little over a year ago, and has become such a joy for us to run together.  It is wonderful to see our project highlighted in the latest Library Journal issue.  Though while I was the contact for this article, I want to take a moment to express that our group really is a team effort with Sarah and I; we are equal cohorts in this endeavor--along with our library patrons who give their time every month to discuss books with us.  Our members are absolutely fantastic, both in person and those who join us on the blog.  Our book group night is so much fun, and it reminds us of what's most important, that reading is supposed to be for enjoyment and not a chore.
If you have a moment, here's a link to the article that highlights our book group:

As always, hope to see you in our library someday soon,
Jan and Sarah


  1. You both are amazing! I love coming to the meetings and reading all the comments on the blog. You ladies do a wonderful job and I am so grateful for everything you!

  2. B., YOU are awesome! And you are going to make me go really sappy now, because this is exactly why working in a library is so wonderful, because of the friends we meet along the way!

  3. I'm so glad all your hard work is getting noticed! I know I enjoy my monthly evening out with the girls - but also the ability to keep up the discussion in the intervening weeks. Thank you!!