Monday, October 31, 2011

NYOBG Book Vote Winners

I just sent this notice out to everyone on our email list, but my email really didn't like the catalog links, so I'm posting it here as well, assuming others will have the same issue!  :o)

book jacket            book jacket
The two winners of our book vote were A Summer To Remember by Mary Balogh, and Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot.  Remember, we don't have a November meeting, so these books will be discussed at our December 8th meeting---and you only have to read the one that interests you most. 

On another note... our copy of Size 12 Is Not Fat hasn't been returned but there are quite a few copies available on our interlibrary loan system. 

Here's a link to the record on the online catalog...
Request SIZE 12 IS NOT FAT

Here's the link to A Summer to Remember as well...

All you have to do is hit----"Request This Item"----type in Bangor Public Library as your "Home" library and again as your "Pick Up" library----add your name and library card number in the provided text boxes----and then hit the request button.  A message "Your request has been successful" should appear.

If you would prefer Sarah or I request it for you we can.  Just let us know.  (Our emails are on the left side bar of this site)  It shouldn't take longer than a week to get to BPL, usually just a couple of days.  If it takes longer than a week to receive a requested book PLEASE let us know so we can get another for you.  :o)

Hope to see you all in December,

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blood of the Wicked by Karina Cooper

book jacketIt's book group night, October 27th at 6:00 pm!!  We have an awesome door prize for tonight's meeting... a signed copy of Blood of the Wicked by Karina Cooper, the first book in her Dark Mission series.

Just a reminder... we will be in the Lecture Hall on the third floor by the dome.  I will post the winner's of the vote right after the meeting on our website at 8:00pm!  Just hit the link below.

Hope to see you all there!
Jan and Sarah 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Vote now for our next books!


PLEASE NOTE:  I did not link the new books to our catalog this month, and I must apologize for not posting this sooner.  I have a major project I've been working on for the library, creating a website for all our digitized war posters, which is very time consuming but exciting... and almost finished!  So, you will be seeing more posts from me in the near future.  :o)  Jan

book jacket -4    book jacket  -3     book jacket     book jacket
book jacket-7    book jacket-1    book jacket-3    book jacket-2 
book jacket-9   book jacket-2   The Secret History of the Pink Carnation-1     book jacket-4
book jacket-1   book jacket-6    book jacket-2    book jacket-6
 Soulless-6    book jacket-4

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day By Day Armageddon, Origin to Exile by J.L. Bourne

This review comes from a library co-worker, Kelly, who is my source for good horror reads.  I also love her reviews and wanted to share.  

Review by Kelly:

book jacketI just finished an awesome zombie apocalypse book titled, Day by Day Armageddon, Origin to Exile, by J.L. Bourne. There are a lot of authors and movie makers out there who have done the zombie take over story, but I like this one because the story is told in the form of diary entries made by a single fellow named Mike. Mike is a U.S. Air Force pilot, and when we first meet him he is visiting his parents in Alabama, (or Arkansas, I can’t remember which). As he is leaving to return home, (Texas), there is an odd story on the news about a strange viral outbreak in China.

By the time Mike arrives home the news about the deadly virus is much worse, it is highly contagious, in fact 100%, nothing seems to have any effect on slowing it down, people are beginning to panic. Mike is concerned, but he has a storage area full of canned goods and lots of bottled water, plus he has rigged up some solar panels and batteries in his home that will allow him to maintain electricity for a while.

When the news that an infected US citizen has been brought from China to the CDC in Atlanta breaks, and then shortly after the CDC goes quiet, even Mike begins to worry. And we get to hear about every decision he makes, to stay or flee, to team up with other survivors or go solo, through the pages of his diary you get the feeling that you are along for the trip. Mike explains what supplies he thinks are worth risks, and what can be left. You hear him voice his worry about the state of the Federal Government, and the armed forces, much as one imagines they might do in a similar situation. Is anyone in charge? Will help come? Mike agonizes over every choice he makes because any one of them could cost him his life.

It is the day-by-day aspect of this book that I liked best. The idea that we are riding along on this journey with Mike, because we know how each of his decisions was made, is compelling. I mean we all know we will need weapons, but is bigger better, or does the weight of carrying a bigger gun around, and thus the fatigue that brings, make one want something smaller & lighter?

We all know we will need food and that canned food lasts longer but it is also heavier and takes up lots of space in a backpack. When your whole world is in that backpack the supplies that fill it need to be critically assessed.

But don’t get the idea that that is all this book is. Mike is horrified and scared to death over and over, and he is just as forthcoming in those descriptions as in all others. He tells us about the rotting corpses, the dogs gone feral, and worst of all the living turning on each other. The living against the living was so realistic and believable, but maybe I’m just cynical!

The only downside to this book is that it wasn’t long enough for me! It is 513 pages, but I could have carried on with Mike for much much longer.


Request Day By Day Armageddon, Origin to Exile from the Bangor Public Library

Friday, October 14, 2011

Touch the Dark by Karen Chance

book jacketReview by Jan:

Touch the Dark is the first book in an urban fantasy series I quite enjoyed.   If you enjoy books by Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong, Keri Arthur, Patricia Briggs, or Laurell K. Hamilton, I would recommend you give this one a try.  I am always thrilled to find a fresh new voice in urban fantasy and I think Karen Chance is just that.  I really liked her writing style, very witty and fun to read.  I was immediately invested in the heroine's plight; Cassandra Palmer can see into the future and communicate with ghosts.  She is also the heir to a powerful legacy of witches.  Her parents were murdered when she was child for what she had the potential to become.  Cassie was raised by a malicious vampire, Mafioso, who she managed to escape from three years earlier.  There is a vampire senate as well with their own agenda, and a very old (and highly intriguing) master vampire.  All and all, it was a grand mixture of fun.

I've read the first two books in this series, both were wonderful, and the rest are on my ever-growing pile of books I need to read.  I have listed this series below in reading order.  I would suggest you do read this series in order. 

As always, hope to see you in our library someday soon!

Request Touch the Dark from the Bangor Public Library    

Cassandra Palmer Series by Karen Chance
1.  Touch the Dark
2.  Claimed by Shadows
3.  Embrace the Night
4.  Curse the Dawn
5.  Hunt the Moon

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Books to read for October 2011...

Once again, the group went in a different direction than what we predicted with their two book winners.  Remember, you only have to read the book that interests you most, and we have two very different genres to choose from.  It was wonderful to see some of our winter crew back, and some new faces as well.  In the rush of our meeting, we forgot to mention that if for some reason you haven't received a requested book within a week, PLEASE send us an email, they are both listed on the left side of this blog.  Also, if you would like us to request it for you just let us know!!

The winners of our book vote were:

book jacket1.  Book Of Air and Shadows by Michael Gruber
This book was nominated by one of our NYOBG members and won the Mystery/Suspense category vote.  Sarah and I have not read it... yet!  Once we read it, one of us will post a review!  :o)

Request Book of Air and Shadows

book jacket2.  You Slay Me by Katie MacAlister
Based on a great review by one of our book group members I recently picked up You Slay Me, the first book in Katie MacAlister’s Aisling Grey Guardian series.  All I have to say is: “What a fun read.”  For those of you who may have read MaryJanice Davidson’s books, I know you are going to like this series.  Aisling Grey’s first job as a courier for her uncle doesn’t go quite how she hopes.  When she goes to deliver her package to it’s new owner in Paris, she finds her dead, hanging from the ceiling.  Also at the cr
ime scene she runs into an incredibly handsome man named Drake Vireo who claims he is from Interpol.  Sparks, or should I say fire, fly between them instantly.  Right before the police arrive Drake snatches Aisling’s delivery and disappears.  What puzzles Aisling most about this encounter is why did Drake keeps on referring to her as a Guardian... read more of Sarah's review

Request You Slay Me
Hope to see you all in October!
Jan and Sarah