Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Copper Beach by Jayne Ann Krentz

Review by Sarah:

I recently read Jayne Ann Krentz’s news paranormal romance “Copper Beach.” If you are familiar with her work lately, you know she has been doing a lot of paranormal/suspense books lately.  Most of them have featured the Arcane Society in some way. This one while having the main characters have paranormal talents there is no mention of the Arcane Society at all. It looks like this is a start of a new series that she is calling “The Dark Legacy.” 

The two main characters are Abby Radwell and Sam Coppersmith. They meet because Abby’s talent, the ability to unlock secret coded books, and her past has caught the eye of a blackmailer.  She is directed to Sam who while is not an investigator has extensive experience dealing with “Problems” that involve the paranormal.  We soon find out that in the past Sam’s dad had been working with two partners, on some very powerful crystals that had rare paranormal powers. The mine they had been working in had exploded and only two of the men made it out alive. Sam’s dad and the remaining partner believe that they lab book that had been working on was destroyed in the explosion. They were able to save a few of the crystals but they are kept under lock and key at the Coppersmith family compound.   When Abby, who deals in paranormal books, is contacted by numerous people about her finding a lost text called “The Key,” she beings to think that it may have a connection to the blackmail letters she has been receiving.  She decided that she needs protection while she tries to find the “The Key” and the name of her blackmailer, so she employs Sam Coppersmith. Sam believes that this “Key” may in fact be a lost log book detailing the experiments with the crystals that his family owns. 

I did enjoy this book but not as much as some of her other books that contain elements of the paranormal.  It is a bit too easy to figure out who is behind the blackmailing, and who has the most to gain by finding “The Key”, so on that aspect alone I was a little disappointed.  But all in all it was a fast and enjoyable read.


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  1. Anonymous NYOBG MemberMarch 8, 2012 at 7:50 PM

    Thanks for this review, Sarah. It was helpful because your summary reminded me vaguely of the plot of the Arcane Society book we read in the group, Second Sight. While that was a fun read, I don't feel the need to go through what might be a (distant) reworking of it, especially without the Regency setting that I enjoyed previously.