Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

Review by Jan:

First, I must confess that I have been off the grid for the last two weeks and on vacation in Florida---which was wonderful.  I'm back, relaxed and ready to discuss two books I brought as my beach reads.  Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich and Vengeance Born by Kylie Griffin.

I highly enjoyed both books.  Our April meeting is tonight, so I will talk a bit about Wicked Appetite as it is one of this month's reading choices, and review Vengeance Born in a later post.

book jacketWicked Appetite is the first book in a new series by Janet Evanovich.  It centers around Lizzy Tucker, a gifted baker of cupcakes and is filled with a cast of quirky characters. Lizzy works in a bakery for a very patient boss, along with her best friend who is attempting to be a witch with a newly acquired spell book.  There is a paranormal element to the story, as Lizzy soon learns that she is one of two individuals with the ability to detect stones that hold the seven deadly sins.  This book centers around the hunt for the stone of gluttony.  I am assuming that we may get six other books in the future. 

Lizzy, attempting to have a perfectly normal life in Salem Massachusetts, is unwilling recruited by Diesel to help him in his quest to find the stones that contain the seven deadly sins, that in the wrong hands have the potential to unleash evil onto the world.  Diesel is an agent for a mysterious organization that protects humanity from objects of destruction.  For the most part, the agency he works for is kept a mystery throughout the book.  Diesel is the typically gorgeous hero, but cannot act on his attraction to Lizzy or one of them will lose their special abilities to hunt for potentially disastrous objects.  So, sorry ladies, no chili peppers in this book, but quite a bit of flirtation---so there is hope for the future books!  :o)

Diesel has a cousin, Wulf, who is also after the stones.  Wulf is portrayed as dark and self-serving, a magician type character who can burn flesh with his touch and who also wants the stones for his own mysterious purpose, which may not necessarily be to serve the welfare of humanity. 

Lizzy and Diesel soon discover that the stone of gluttony has been divided into four charms by its former guardian.  Upon his death, the guardian bequeathed the charms to his nieces and nephews, who all acquire attributes of gluttony while in possession of the stones. 

Basically, this book is about the quest to gather the charms that will lead to the stone of gluttony, but the journey is fun and quirky, a typical Evanovich book.  Along with gathering the charms, Lizzy ends up with a snarky monkey and a one-eyed cat.  It was the perfect beach read, quick and easy to follow.  More than one scene made me laugh out loud.  However, a lot of the magic of the story was left a mystery, which I can only assume will be delved into more extensively in future books.

Hope to see you all at tonight's meeting!


  1. nice review.
    A baker who helps find the stone of gluttony, ironic.
    I was going to read this during Easter but got sidetracked by Darkest Seduction and Angelfall.
    But I will eventually check out books by this Author.

  2. This is a quick read--and funny. I'll have to check out those titles that got you sidetracked! :0)

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