Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen

As with all of Allen's novels, The Peach Keeper is an enjoyable read.  Hints of magic, southern charm, a bit of mystery, friendships, old and new, are the bases of this storyline.  Allen books always seem to have a bit of magic realism involved, superstitions made real, like putting pennies on windowsills to rid a house of ghosts.

This story centers around two woman, Paxton and Willa, whose grandmothers were childhood friends.  Willa's family encountered difficult financial times and her grandmother became a house cleaner, while Paxton's family remained financially secure.  Due to different societal distinctions, the granddaughters never became friends.  Paxton is the head of a local Women's Society Club restoring a historical home named The MadamThe Madam once belonged to Willa's family.  During the excavation of an old peach tree a skeleton is unearthed along with long buried family secrets.

Paxton and Willa are drawn together by a mystery involving their grandmothers and learn that true friendships are not diminished by time or distinguished by social expectations.  Filled with personal growth, family relationships, acceptance of what cannot be changed, and acting on what can, are all elements that make this book yet another lovely read.


  1. One thing I appreciate about SAA's books is that the women are the real strength within the families and communities that we see. Admittedly, that strength can be used for good or bad, so we see overbearing mothers fairly frequently. However, the motif of women supporting their friends is very powerful and appeals to my feminist sensibilities! :)

  2. You've written a lovely review - I think you must have a touch of magic in yourself! I've enjoyed Sarah's other novels very much and I'm sure I'll be enthralled by this one. I'm very sorry to hear she about her current struggle with cancer and wish her all the best.

    Marlene Detierro (Eureka Joe's)