Monday, August 6, 2012

The Search by Nora Roberts

Book CoverReview by Jan:

With this book, as with most of Nora Robert's books, I am reminded why this author dominates a genre, simply because she is a consistent, and good, storyteller.  I have been in a weird reading mood, not able to get into much this summer, and was grateful to find a story I didn't want to put down.  I picked this book up because it was recommended by a NYOBG member and because it made our fall vote.  Also, it received good reviews from the mystery/thriller readers of our library.

Fiona Bristow is the sole survivor of George Perry, a serial killer who abducted and strangled his victims with a red scarf.  Perry is now in prison and exacting his revenge on Fiona through a proxy student.  Several years earlier, she lost her fiance and his K-9 officer to Perry.  A survivor, she rebuilt her life on a Orcas Island in the San Juans off of Washington.  She trains dogs for search and rescue.  When Perry's "student" begins to recreate his murders, she finds herself fighting her former tormentor once again.

Although this story leans more toward a mystery/thriller, there is a hero and romance interest.  Simon is a carpenter, ornery and quite attached to his solitude, and unprepared for Fiona in his life.  His mother gave him a lab puppy as a present, not wanting her son to be alone.  Desperate for help with a new canine chewing terror in his routine life, Simon brings his puppy to Fiona for training.  The  relationship dynamics of the puppy and owner is both entertaining and heartwarming.  This book has quite a bit of dog training and search and rescue scenes throughout.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, especially because I adore dogs and have my own puppy training issues at the moment.  The mystery/thriller elements were well executed, as were the characters and their motivations.  It was a great summer read.

As always, hope to see you in our library someday soon,