Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Brief Introduction

Those of you who read the posts last week will know that there has been a change in the staffing here at the Library. As she mentioned, Jan signed a book deal last year and has now decided that she needs to be a full-time author so that she can get Celtic Moon ready for its September publication date and make more progress on the sequel. While we will miss her in the library, she intends to continue coming to the book group meetings and we may even persuade her to bake now and again . . . I still have fond memories of those hummingbird cupcakes that she made for the meeting when we discussed The Girl Who Chased The Moon . . .

Jan’s departure caused some rearrangements in the staffing here at the library, which created a part time post in the adult circulation department. I was delighted to be offered the post and started my training last Monday. At the moment my brain is struggling to cope with the details of all the various tasks that I need to master, but I am enjoying myself and the library is a great place to work. I am sure that I will start to see many of you when you are visiting the library once I am competent enough to man the Check In desk without too much supervision.

Those of you who have been to a meeting in the last couple of years will have met me already and I look forward to chatting with those of you who cannot join us for our scheduled discussions. I am afraid that I do not have a photograph to add to the blog at the moment, mainly because I hate having my picture taken, but I am easily identified by my English accent. I am very happy to be taking over Jan’s role as co-organizer of the book group because I thoroughly enjoy our meetings and I hope to continue her tradition of a no-pressure, fun place to discuss books and reading, amongst other things. I hope to introduce a few new features, starting with something entirely new on Friday that is specifically designed for those of you who cannot attend the meetings.

I would like to remind you all that we have a meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at 6pm in the Lecture Hall, so come along if you can or check back on Friday for the new feature.

Sue :)


  1. I can't wait to see what you have planned for Fridays, Sue! If I remember correctly, there was a recipe for Milky Way cake in that book as well---I think you could persuade me to attempt it next month! :)