Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In Death Series by J.D. Robb

This series will reach title number 37 later this year: I have no idea how Ms Robb (aka Nora Roberts) finds time to eat or sleep!

We read the first title in the series, Naked in Death, last fall. It read perfectly well as a stand-alone title, leaving no loose ends dangling or an unwelcome cliffhanger that propels you on to the next installment, which is always welcome in the first title in a series. However, I am not sure that I felt much need to read further into the series, which was a little disappointing as I had expected a strong desire to continue exploring this slightly futuristic world.

At first we are presented with our heroine, Eve Dallas, as a tough, independent woman, but as soon as she meets Roarke she starts to trust him for no particularly good reason. Whilst I can understand her unwilling attraction to the man, I find it very difficult to accept her having sex with him so early in their relationship. It boggles my mind that she would chose to have sex with any man, let alone one that she hardly knows and who could be a vicious serial killer. This seems to play far too much into the ‘emotion over logic’, ‘your heart knows the truth’ stuff that makes my head ache when I read Romances. It is not that I disliked Roarke, but I would have been far more interested in their relationship if they had had to deal with her inability to trust men. I wanted to see her slowly learn to let Roarke within her emotional perimeter, but their relationship seemed far too rushed to me and this undermined my enjoyment of the crime aspect of the story.

1. Naked in Death
2. Glory in Death
3. Immortal in Death
4. Rapture in Death
5. Ceremony in Death
6. Vengeance in Death
7. Holiday in Death
8. Conspiracy in Death
9. Loyalty in Death
10. Witness in Death
11. Judgment in Death
12. Betrayal in Death
13. Seduction in Death
14. Reunion in Death
15. Purity in Death
16. Portrait in Death
17. Imitation in Death
18. Divided in Death
19. Visions in Death
20. Survivor in Death
21. Origin in Death
22. Memory in Death
23. Born in Death
24. Innocent in Death
25. Creation in Death
26. Strangers in Death
27. Salvation in Death
28. Promises in Death
29. Kindred in Death
30. Fantasy in Death
31. Indulgence in Death
32. Treachery in Death
33. New York to Dallas
34. Celebrity in Death
35. Delusion in Death
36. Calculated In Death (Publishing Feb 26 2013)
37. Thankless In Death (Publishing Sept 2013)

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  1. I like Nora Roberts when she writes as Nora Roberts. I'm always hesitant to pick up any book written under J.D Robb.

  2. We read Nora Roberts' Black Hills back in August 2011 and I enjoyed that, but that is the only one of here massive back catalog that I have tried, so I can't comment.

    Is your reluctance because of the slightly Sci-Fi setting or is there some other reason?

    1. I just think her novels under n.Roberts are more lighter than the J.D Robb ones. I never really read one of the later ones because I get that impression from them. This is the first I've heard of them being sci-fi. maybe I should just muster up the courage to just pick one up and read it.