Friday, March 22, 2013

Books for April

The books that we have chosen for April's reads are "A lady Awakened" by Ceclia Grant and "A Season for the Dead" by David Hewson.  "A lady Awakened" will be the book put on the Nook and you will have to get "A Season for the Dead" from another library.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vote for April's Books

Just wanted to let everyone know that the vote page for April's books is up and running. I apologize for it being so late.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Lady Awakened by Cecilia Grant


Warning: This book earns a flaming hot, chili on fire!

This is a historical romance set in England. Martha, the lead heroine, is recently widowed. If she does not produce an heir, her estate will go to her late husband’s brother, an abusive man who formerly raped the servants. To protect the people who live in her household, she devises a plan to conceive a child and pass it off as her late husband’s heir. A man is needed for this, unfortunately for Martha, because she has no particular interest in the actual act. Regardless, she approaches Theo, a new neighbor known for his exploits with women to help with her scheme. She will learn that Theo isn’t the player everyone assumes, and that with respect, love will often follow.

A Lady Awakened is getting a lot of hype and I had to give it a try. It was, quite frankly, the best historical romance I’ve read this year. It is endorsed by Mary Balogh, one of my favorite romance authors. I have read more than one negative review on this book and wanted to write with each one, “What is wrong with you people?” They don’t like that Martha isn’t fawning all over the hero---but I loved that! The book is highly sensual; hence the chili pepper on fire rating, but those scenes drive the story. Martha is looking at Theo as a chore to achieve a goal, and he eventually gives up trying to seduce her and just performs the act, but as he proves that he is worthy of her respect that all changes.  

I enjoyed the fact that the characters are country land owners and not dukes and princes, and that the author included concerns of a community of that time era. It was a smart read, emotionally driven, and lovely. I couldn’t put it down. From a feminist perspective who loves the romance genre, I think this would be an interesting discussion. There is one minor addition I think would have strengthened the heroine’s motivation at the end, and if it’s voted in we will discuss! :D All and all, it really was a great read.

I have nominated it for this month’s vote.

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"a book group member"


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Congratulations Sarah: 2013 RWA Librarian of the Year

Every year the Romance Writers of America award one librarian who demonstrates outstanding support for romance authors and the romance genre.  I am pleased to announce that our Sarah has been chosen as the 2013 RWA Librarian of the Year!

This is such a wonderful honor for her---and well deserved!  (This is Jan writing this post, by the way, and I am sending it via proxy because I know she wouldn’t post it herself.)  I am the culprit who nominated Sarah for the award and I am beyond thrilled that she is getting this recognition.  We have worked together from the very beginning of the Not Your Ordinary Book Group project, but it was Sarah’s idea to make it a romance book group.  That simple idea eventually resulted in a cover story in the Library Journal, and then was awarded a grant to purchase Nooks for all the members, with funds for eBooks; it has been a truly rewarding venture to be a part of with a coworker and friend.  I will always remember the amazing lemon cake castle she made for one of our meetings.  While the group has evolved over the years, romance has always been a front runner and the books we read, review, and vote for.  Sarah is an avid reader and promoter of the romance genre, and I, as well as patrons, have benefited from her recommendations.  (And thank goodness she warned us all to check out books 4 and 5 at the same time of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series!)


As always, hope to see you all our next meeting,