Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Time Weaver by Shana Abe


This is the fifth book in Abe’s Drakon series. It is a mixture of historical romance and fantasy, set within a magical world of shape shifting dragons. Honor, the lead heroine, is a time weaver. She can move through time and is hunted because of her gift.  So much so that she is taken from her home at a young age in order to protect her life, and raised by a foster family in historical Spain. But her gift is also a curse, taking a toll on her future self with each weave. Just about every shift through time leads her to Sandu, the leader of an enemy clan of Drakon. She leaves notes to her younger self in hopes of altering the outcome of their future. She will learn that Sandu is destined to be her mate, and is drawn to him regardless of the peril it brings to herself and to her foster family.  However, her actions have dire consequences. She feels compelled to change a potentially disastrous future because of her past wrongdoings, and in the process will become that which she fears the most. In order to change a tragic future, she will turn to the one person who saved her life as a child.

This is a well written and emotional story. It follows the course of Honor’s life from her teen to elderly years, jumping through time as events unfold. I’m not a big fan of time travel stories because they are often confusing, but I found this one compelling and clearly fleshed out. It was not the least bit hard to follow. 

I truly enjoy Shana Abe’s writing style and get lost in her stories every time I pick one up. She sets a scene so well that I feel as if I am a participant of her world. Here’s a memorable description that stood out for me while reading The Time Weaver, when Honor is first brought to Spain to live among humans… 

“I had never before been around so many humans. There were fat ones and thin ones, many with grime darkening the folds of their pocked skin. Some had wooden teeth and some had no teeth at all. They wore homespun and brocades and wigs hopping with fleas.”

Abe’s prose is poetic but not cumbersome.       

Our book group read The Smoke Thief, the first book in this series, about four years ago. The Smoke Thief has received quite a few awards: Best Historical Romance of the Year from Romantic Times was one of them. The awards were well deserved. With that being said, I skipped ahead of the series to read The Time Weaver. I didn’t feel like I missed much but I do think reading book one is necessary. It has received some negative comments in reviews because of its similarity to The Time Travelers Wife, but I didn’t feel that way about it. This is pure historical fantasy: the setting and voice is completely different. I am in the process of backtracking to read the middle books within the series.

I’m not sure if this will make our next vote, but I have nominated it and will bring copies of The Smoke Thief to our next meeting just in case.

Hope to see you all then!

(And I would give this one a solid red chili pepper rating.)

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