Friday, April 17, 2015

Books for June

I am super excited by the choices for the extended gap that comes before our June meeting because they are both titles that I thoroughly enjoyed when I first read them. They have both been up for the vote before, but this time I succeeded in getting them chosen (with the help of one of our other long time members). The Lies of Locke Lamora by the wonderful Scott Lynch is the first of his Gentleman Bastard series and one of my most favorite Fantasy titles. Six Moon Dance by Sherri S Tepper is a thought-provoking exploration of feminism, sexual stereotypes and environmentalism. I predict some interesting discussions at the next meeting!

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
(Fantasy / Adventure / Crime)

In the city of Camorr, the plague known as the Black Whisper is a disaster, killing everyone over eleven years old. However, this provides an opportunity for those who like to ‘adopt’ orphans. Slavers take most of them, but those who seem talented are apprenticed to the Thiefmaker and put to profitable work in the streets, markets and houses of the city. One particularly talented apprentice is tiny Locke Lamora, who displays a massive talent for the noble arts of theft and conman-ship. Unfortunately, young Locke doesn’t always foresee the outcomes of his schemes and drives the Thiefmaker to pass him along to Father Chains, a blind priest who spend his days begging outside his temple.

Six Moon Dance by Sherri S tepper
(SciFi / Fantasy / Women’s)

The planet of Newholme was first settled hundreds of years ago, but that group of violent men vanished. The later waves of settlers had their own problems trying to develop a world strangely devoid of metals, with increasing volcanic activity and a 50% death rate amongst baby girls. The female-dominated society that has developed subordinates the men, who must remained veiled in order to prevent arousing lust in women. Marriage is an expensive business agreement designed to give the men the offspring that they want, whilst allowing women to obtain entertainment and sexual fulfillment from Consorts, sterilized men who are trained to be the perfect companion and to provide ‘compensation’ for the unpleasant business of breeding. Mouche is an only child and, as a boy, he is only a drain on resources, so he is sold to one of the Consort schools where he begins his training. He soon discovers that life on Newholme is not as it seems: another, indigenous, race lives amongst the humans, but their presence is denied, so much so that everyone over the age of seven simply does not see these ‘invisibles’.

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