Saturday, March 3, 2018

Archiving Nook Books

I was a little confused when I tried to read Beartown yesterday because my Nook refused to download it. Before We Were Yours appeared in my library with no problem, but Mr Backman’s novel would not appear, no matter how often I hit the ‘Sync’ button. I checked my Wifi connection . . . I switched the Nook off and on again . . . I checked that I had actually bought the book and not hallucinated the purchase . . . nothing helped.  

Eventually I decided that I must be overlooking the book somehow and chose to ‘Search’ for it. Lo and behold! It appeared, but the title was grayed out and I was given the option to ‘Unarchive’ it.

This highlights one unfortunate aspect of the Nooks we use for the book group. We have three accounts, each with five Nooks applied to it. This means that any alteration done to the library on one Nook will automatically be done to the others on the same account once it is connected to Wifi. So, please remember not to add books to the archive, even if you have read them, because it will move them for other people as well.

Happy reading!


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