About Us

Featured in a cover story of the Library Journal, we are NOT your traditional literary fiction book group. All books we read are chosen by our members, with a vote at each meeting. Many of our favorite titles have been suggested by members, so there is nothing prescribed about our selections.

We vote on two books to read each month from a wide range of genres. Previous vote winners have included adventure, chick-lit, children’s fiction, contemporary, crime, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, humor, magical realism, mystery, paranormal romance, romance, science fiction, steampunk, suspense, thriller, urban fantasy, women’s fiction and young adult. Thanks to a Maine Community Foundation grant we have a set of Nooks for book group members to use: the new vote winning books are added to the Nooks a day or two after each meeting. You can check out a full list of all the books on each set of Nooks here.

We are a "no pressure" book group because we understand that people have a busy schedule. Read one book, both, or none, it does not matter, you are always welcome to join our group and share lots of laughs. If you can't make a meeting, that's okay, you can always log on to our blog where our online discussions take place. Our door is always open to ladies who love to discuss books.

Here are some of the books that have won previous votes: